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Saturday, August 06, 2011

3 'Simple' Words...

There’s something to be said when you wake up in a foreign country, hearing the roosters crowing, the drums beating, the hustle and bustle outside your window, kids singing as they wash their clothes, scrub their porch, sweep their decks, and you grudgingly walk out the guest house door to get breakfast.  Well…COFFEE.  Because to you, your day hasn’t started until you get your first cup. And the first thing you see when you walk out the door are three precious little girls, eyes beaming, smiles stretching across their faces greeting, “Amanda!  Amanda!!  Good morning! How did you sleep?”
And the only thing on their mind is whether or not you had a good nite’s rest.
They were standing there, waiting for ME (and probably for hours) to come alive.  If there was anything on my mind before, any hesitations I had for starting the day—they were gone at that instant.

We arrived to Canaan’s Children Home on Thursday night and have been having the most amazing time here with the kids.  Pastor Isaac and his staff are truly God’s people taking care and blessing these kids with everything they have.  At this orphanage, or “Transition Home”, the guests actually sleep on site and we have the opportunity to tuck the kids in at night, and then be greeted by them in the morning.  Spending all day with them, learning the ins and outs of their remarkable stories and dreams for the future.
Today’s blessing was the children’s program they performed for us.  Divided into age groups and boys and girls, they each performed a different song, dance or skit.  And had the rooster not STILL been crowing in the background, I would have thought I was in America.  These children are SO smart.  So extremely gifted and talented.  And those boys can BREAK IT DOWN!!!  (I will post videos once I get back to America…sort of forgot the whole camera cord).
As we spend more time with these children, our relationships begin to grow stronger and we really start getting to know them.  I have been TOUCHED by my three little angels and their stories.  Nancy wants to grow up to be a teacher, teaching English to the children in the Orphanages.  Angela also wants to be a teacher, a dream she never thought she could reach as her past seems to haunt her every night.  Jovia, Jovia, a sweet sweet soul has visions of becoming a nurse and I know that one day she WILL.  Her soft and absolutely loving demeanor has broken me and I can’t wait to hear about her journey.
They’re all just so intelligent.  So hungry for life, love and the Lord.
And it was while I was saying our good nites, my world….was again rocked.  I was wrecked.
There hasn’t been many times that I’ve asked a child what we can ask Jesus for.  But when I have, the replies have always been a Puppy!  Money!  Candy!  Ya know, the normal kid stuff.
But here, here where things are simple and children love life and don’t ask for much, I was told to pray for Knowledge.  For Wisdom.  And for Understanding.  And as we sat under the tree, looking at the star-speckled sky above, I was shaken because I don’t even ask or pray for those things.  I definitely don’t know everything—in fact, I’m far far from it.  I haven’t lived many life experiences to say I’m wise, nor would I think I should pray to be.
And to understand?  I don’t.
I don’t understand why things happen the way they do.  I don’t understand how certain things in life take their course.  And I definitely don’t understand how a precious precious child, after having the life and past they’ve had, still has so much knowledge and so much wisdom—far beyond their years.
So to say these children are intelligent and smart….well, I guess it’s an understatement.  They live a simple life on the outside, but deep down—they are growing and striving and learning and BEING.
Something I SO wish I could do more.
I woke up again today and walked outside.  Yet again, greeted by those three smiles.  My demeanor has changed.  My attitude is different.  My life has been rocked.
We leave Uganda today to head to Ethiopia.  And I’m excited for the trip.  But I KNOW, my heart has been left here in this country.  Here under that tree.   Here with those beautiful and precious little girls….  And I will continue to pray.  Continue to pray for Knowledge.  Wisdom.  And understanding.

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