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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

You Could Have Series #4: HE Could Have.

In a season of silence, it’s important to remember that “A dream delayed is not a dream denied”….

I took a different approach at today’s, “You Could Have.”  There isn’t much to touch on, not really any explanation necessary.  This message from our Pastor Pete Wilson at Crosspoint Church in Nashville hits it home…


"He could have done everything differently.  He could have prevented this.  He could have delivered that."
He Could Have
……. but can we take comfort in knowing and trusting that 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"Music. is LOVE… Be.Love” --Whitney Houston

It’s Tuesday morning.  And, it’s Valentine’s Day.  It’s 2 days after the Grammy’s.  And 3 since a true musical genius has left us.  Yup, these Tuesday blues are playin on repeat in my iThoughts….

But there’s something different about today.  These ‘blues’ are on a different track.  Playin for a different record.  They’re not playin to depress me, anger me, take me out of the game, or distract me.

No, these blues are playin a pretty tune.


Two things happened to me while watching the Grammy’s on Sunday night.

#1.  I was reminded where and why my love of music exists.

*Adele graced that stage with confidence, beauty, humbleness, and poise.  It literally sounds like angels every time she opens her mouth.  And she can even make the word ‘snot’ in an Acceptance speech sound acceptable!!

*The Foo Fighters made their entire album in a garage, using tapes.  And, although I’m not a huge rock fan--I totally respect this!  Proving that music doesn’t have to sound perfect to move people.  No gimmicks.  No computers.  Just.  Music.

*And then.  There really isn’t anything that needs to be said over Jennifer Hudson’s “Whitney Houston” tribute.  Simplicity.  Pure. Elegant.  Heartfelt. and Strong.  It moved me to tears and it broke my heart.  It lifted me up and cast light on my dark.  It stirred every emotion in my body….  And I still have the goosepimples from it.

and THAT, my friends, is what music is all about.  

No shenanigans.
No boisterous lyrics.
No outrageous costumes, dance moves, lighting, techno-tronics, computers, smoke, backups, and production.

It was just.  Music.

And it moved me. to the core.

And then, 
#2.  I was reminded just how powerful the art of Music really is

At the ripe ‘ole age of 7, I was introduced to the Whitney Houston craze.  From belting her ballads off my coffee table, to inviting her to my birthday party so she could sing, “I Wanna Run to You”--I was always loving, following, and being inspired by her every move.  She wanted to dance with me (Yes, I justified that “Somebody” was in fact, Me).  She told me I could be great, and that I had a future.  She told me to just believe.

And do I remember the day I heard she ‘took a wrong turn’?   Like I remember 911.  yes.  She broke my heart.

And all I could do was hope and pray she got back on track with her life.

But, it was because of Whitney, I inspired to do great things.  To BE great things.  I don’t have a voice like hers.  Heck, I don’t even have a voice.  But I have passion.

Whitney once said, “Music is Love.  Music and Love are the same things, really.  So, if our kids grow up with music in their lives, there will always, Always… Be Love.”

It’s not a question of whether we believe she fell off the deep end or whether she had a great voice, or poise.  Whitney believed, that at the end of the day, Music… is what would make the world go round.  Because Music.  Is Love.

On this Valentine’s Day, I want to inspire YOU to Be. Love.  Be LOVE to the 163 million orphans around the world that don’t have a family to love them back.  Be LOVE to the 600 orphans in one little city in Rwanda this coming May and share YOUR musical gift to them.

Give HOPE to these little ones.  Inspire THEM to be great.  Because after all… I too Believe, THAT CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE….

“Music is Love.  Music and Love are the same things, really.  So, if our kids grow up with music in their lives, there will always, Always… Be Love.”

email amanda.herdina@visitingorphans.org or frank.pass@visitingorphans.org for more information on the Music Missions Trip, May 23rd to June 2nd.