~ ~ where some see a hopeless end, others see an endless hope ~ ~

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"Everything in Between" - My Summer of 2012

All I know today, the day after, 11 years after, one of the most devastating tragedies in the world, is just how truly grateful I am.

Grateful for my family.  Grateful for my friends.  My relatives, my job, my car, my apartment, my ….everything.  And today just sparked in me, just how grateful I am for experiences.

Experiences that allow me to live.  Experiences that allow me to grow.  That have shown me the world, have shown me my heart.

I’ve always said I’m more a spring and fall kinda girl.  But hey.  Who’s to say you can’t enjoy

Looking back over my Summer of Twenty Twelve

 (not as cool sounding as the Summer of 69, right Tom?)

I was able to visit my butternugs in Rwanda.

*(and I really could take up, like 5 blogs just writing on this alone .. . …Oh, wait.  I did) :)

I played, ‘artist manager’ booking an international wedding singer at an Ethiopian Wedding
(okay.  it was my friend Kassie.  and we went to Rwanda together.  and so we just deviated to visit my friends Berhanu and Emily’s wedding.  But International Wedding Singer Agent & Booking Manager has a nice ring to it….)

I celebrated CMA Fest with my Country-kickin’, Kenny-lovin Aunt Darla
(Tim won, btw)

I even had a proud, stage-mom moment when Lindsay got to shine on the BIG stage..
*cough, BIC stage.

I FINALLY got to go ‘up north’ with for my annual Family Vacation! 
(7 years away, folks, you’d think we’d be able to get one decent picture)

and as if they didn’t have enough of me, Family comes to visit NASHVILLE
and I get to play tourist for the weekend!


Took a leap and joined a small group.  And turns out?  They’re actually pretty cool…

WAC Reunions

Zoo Outings for work.

(as if, our office isn’t zoo-like enough!)

I get to “Come Along for the Ride” as one of my nearest and dearest and most talented friends launches her Radio show from right here in Nashville!

(and yes.  You can tune in every Tuesday and Thursday from 4 to 7 to hear her too!)
(insert shameless plug here):
“LIKE” Lindsay Lawler on Facebook !
and visit

Sometimes?  She’ll even let you talk on her show.  Without warning.  Right in the middle of your nap.  … *sigh

And of course, then there’s the month of

Shared Birthdays can actually be pretty fun I found out.

LAUREN FERZOCO & RACHEL JAY ~ well, close enough.  
4 days apart both ways.

BETSY LEE (NO! Not Beiber) ~ Close Birthday Twin!

But then.  Of course… Every princess has to have her own celebrations!
RUMOURS EAST.  Traditional Champagne Toast to another year!
 Arrington Vineyard!!

Ocoee River Team

And seem to get more and more spoiled the older I get!


Each year, I like to live adventurously on my birthday!  This year, we took a plunge down the raging Ocoee River…  and no, we din’t stay dry


We get to support the missions we love in city full of talent
MOCHA CLUB w/ Dave Barnes and Matt Wertz
(While being our goofy selves…of course)

Small Town Fairs and Hope Floats moments


Dinner Clubs continue to be the hot topic of the month.  Conversations that keep you laughing ’til wee hours in the morning and crying ’til wee hours in the night.  

(And.  We hire professional photographers to document it all, clearly.  And you’re welcome).

Continuing the long trek of marathon training with Stephanie!  And, cuz we can… we run at the Titans Stadium.  #gobelove

October 7th, 2012

Nephews head back to school.  (POC: THEY’RE old, not me).
Payton, 6th grade
Bradley, 3rd grade
Mason, 1st grade

Celebrating, “ALMOST GOTCHA DAY” for Autumn and Mihretu!  He’s almost home from Ethiopia!

Gotta get some baseball in!

but more importantly….. FOOTBALL.

and most importantly… PATRIOTS football.


Goodbye Parties are for the birds.  And I hate that I have to say goodbye to my roommate Lauren and some of my closest friends Monica & Ryan.  (I’m pouting and I need a minute now.)
* * *
Chris Nathan performs as we say a SAD goodbye
MONICA, don’t leave.
Look how much fun we have:

 LAUREN, you just got here.

Saying Goodbyes are hard.

But it’s times like these, this summer I’ve had…it just makes me so much more appreciative for the moments in life we get to cherish forever.  To this summer and next.
And the one after that.

And Everything in Between….