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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

You Could Have. #1

drumroll please…..

…. Okay, take it back.  Honestly, I didn’t want to use my first blog of the “You Could Have” series as one that blew your socks off, right off the bat.  ‘Cuz then I’d have to live up to those standards every time I did an entry. …   ;)


This one will blow your socks off.

I can’t limit this first entry to one specific person.  So, this first entry is going to go and be different right out the door.  In my first ever, initial, inaugural post about how people have such an impact on your life, “You Could Have” launches as follows:

THEY Could Havetotally impressed me with their dedicated abilities

It started off as an idea.  Give 2 Go.  It started off as a simple idea to raise awareness for orphans around the world, benefitting Visiting Orphans as a whole.  The concept grew, the design began to liven, and the event elements began to shape.

What started off as one casual, Friday morning brainstorming conversation, ended up as one amazingly, beautiful night of music and testimonies.

But it’s the people that put it together that get this Nod in the ‘ole bloggeroo.  It’s the people that worked day and night to make sure it was a flawless event, from ground up.

It was the Visiting Orphans staff.

When I say that these brothers and sisters pulled together to make things happen, I don’t mean just laying a table linen down and clicking on a lamp.

  • I’m talking, sawing 16 feet 2x4’s and building--literally DRILLING together structures and frames to make an amazing display structure
  • I’m talking, cleaning out your entire house at home to bring in and create the most creative and visually appealing merchandise display known to man
  • I’m talking, using every hidden and nonhidden talent you have to put into designing and creating flyers and marketing materials so our guests could have something to take home at night.
  • I’m talking, originating the most organized, clean, and easy-to-follow ‘systems’ to handle our crazy mission trip giveaway---not only in preparation of the night, but DURING the night, and then for days after
  • I’m talking, when no one’s even around, using your last bit of strength to breakdown, haul and unload the mess that no one else wanted to deal with
  • I’m talking, using every bit of your energy to help post, tape, string, light, lay, build, set up, and RUN an ENTIRE evening’s festivities so our guests could enjoy their time
  • And I’m talking, using your every last bit of patience to work with and deal with a crazy brain like me…

Autumn Kerr, Alicia Jordan, Frank Pass, Casi Mattox, Merrill Durham, James Jonas, Kathleen Carney, Rachel Cook:  You could have stayed within your comfort zones, only helped out to your content, and rightfully told me I was crazy.

But you didn’t.

You all were and ARE so amazing to not only me day in and day out, but to each other--to VISITING ORPHANS.  Every day we get to come to work is such a blessing.  You all bless me every day just because you’re you.  God has given you each such creative talents, each such amazing administrative, and yet not boring, characteristics.  You continue to surprise me with the tasks you’re able to accomplish and the goals you’re able to set and reach.

You are all my inspiration.

THANK YOU VO’ers for SUCH an amazing job well done at our concert on Friday night.  It was such a cool experience to see everyone in their element.  And if you weren’t in your element, you were able to  branch outside for the Cause.

It’s an honor to be a part of such an amazing group.

"YOU COULD HAVE … totally impressed me with your dedicated abilities".


a SNEAK little PEAK at the fabulous work by the VO Staff, pics done by the amazing Rachel Jay

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