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Friday, December 16, 2011

YOU COULD HAVE series, #2 CAMOY @ Vista Print

It’s honestly as simple as smiling while you’re talking.  I’m serious.  When you’re on the phone, try it.  Smile while you’re talking to the other person.  I promise they’ll feel the positive energy through the phone.


That’s where the 2nd edition for my YOU COULD HAVE series was inspired.

I dread talking on the phone.  I’m just throwing it out there.  But what I dread the most is having to talk to customer service reps.  I know, I know.  See?  I already have a preconceived judgement as to how my experience will be.  And usually, 9 times out of 10… I’m right.

HOWEVER,  I had to call in for technical help on a print order through Vista Print.  I held my breath as Ms Camoy took over the conversation…. … and I’m so glad she did.

“I tell ya what ma’am, I’m just gonna stay on the phone with you while I help you with this order and walk you through it, is that okay?”

As we continued uploading and editing the pictures needed for this order, she began asking me questions about each picture.  “OH!  He’s so precious, where’s he from????”  “So… Visiting Orphans, that’s your company you work with, what all do you do?”  “OH!!  So, are these some of the children you visit?”

Each question she asked squealed with excitement, and it was like she couldn’t get enough information fast enough.

“So, which country is this little angel from?”
“So, do all these children not have parents?”
“So, when you visit, do you BUILD them the Orphanage, or how does it work?”
“Where do you visit”
“Do you have children?”…..

“No ma’am, I don’t have a child.  I have 163 million of them…”

“Ooooh, honey.  That’s beautiful.  That’s beautiful, I love that.”  Camoy’s interest in Visiting Orphans just played on my passion and we sat and talked about everything we do.  She went as far as going to our website, finding out who I was on our Staff bio’s, read it, asked me some other life questions….  All the while, yes, our pictures were still being uploaded and would throw in an edit question here and there.

Camoy proceeded to tell me she was from Jamaica and that they would LOVE to see a program start up in her country. She knows there are plenty of orphans that could benefit from our organization and it would be so amazing to have us visit her home country.

I smiled when I was able to say, “Well, Camoy… we just might be.”

Our order was processing and we were to the checkout page, when from out of nowhere, she offered to waive all the uploading charges, give us a discount, and faster shipping at the lowest rate.

You see…. Camoy COULD HAVE just went about her job description, helped me get my pictures up and edited, sold the order, and hung up the phone.

Camoy COULD HAVE just been annoyed with the illiterateness of my technical capabilities and been abrasive with her customer service attitude.


Camoy was SUCH a delight to talk to. Very helpful, very happy, and so passionate about what we do.  Which made me RE-passionate about what we do.

Camoy, YOU COULD HAVE completely fell into my stereotype of the ‘typical’ customer service rep, ruined my experience with Vista Print, and led me astray from having any faith in your business and/or character.


Thanks for that.