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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

You Could Have Series #6: the guy on the Corner

I’m a sucker for blatant honesty.  For no filters.  People who say what they feel.

Disclaimer:  I’m NOT a sucker for honest people who say what they feel without filters that are offensive.

K.  Moving on.

Today, as usual, I drive up to the light on Woodland and 5th.  Same routine.  Usually, one of 4 or 5 guys are there, waving.  Encouraging me to buy the latest “Contributor”  (and for those of you not from Nashville… please research this opportunistic opportunity for those less fortunate).

Granted, I’ll buy one maybe every other month (and now, I’m slowly feeling convicted I don’t buy more). So, I feel like I’ve done my fair share of ‘giving back’.

Today, I thought.  Was going to be no different.

Sure enough…  I drive up to the light and stop behind a nice little sedan.  The man waves anxiously, only this time, Mr. Smiley is holding just a cardboard sign and a Santa hat.  He motions for the man to roll his window down.

He doesn’t.  there is no judgement here, i rarely do either.  “Seriously sir?”  The man doesn’t even look in his direction.

Santa comes closer to my vehicle and motions the same gesture.


However, as he got closer, there was just something different about him.  He walked with a bit of a limp.  He never stopped smiling.  But when he looked at me, I was taken aback by his DASHING brown eyes.  I honestly couldn’t take my eyes of his eyes.  

<And NO people.  This isn’t the prelude to a romantic novel. His eyes really were breathtaking.>

I roll down my window.  He stands a safe distance from my car when he yells out, “I just need 40 cents, just 40.”

Oh, boy did he get lucky that day because… I had FIFTY cents to give him.  Yeah.  I know, I know.  All out Mother Teresa right here.

Uuuuuuugh, it killed me I only had 50 cents to give him, but I did nonetheless.

“Here ya go!”

 <insert sheepish grin>  “Thanks.  and Merry FRICKEN Christmas.”

 *   *  crickets  *  crickets  * * 


I couldn’t help but burst out in laughter!!

So, of course, I Jesus juke the poor fella and say, “Merry Christmas sir.  God Bless You.”

“eeeh… yeah, God Bless.”

End of Scene.

…. Now, there really is no moral to this story.  No happy ending.  No “I Saved the World” or he got saved.  I don’t know why he needed that 40 cents.  I really don’t know WHY this man had such an impact on me!  But HE DID.  The starking look from his gorgeous brown eyes.  His crooked, almost evil, little grin that never left his face.  The little hobble in his step.  His mangled Santa hat.

I remember it all.

His honesty has stuck with me.

Yeah.  He ISN’T having a Merry Christmas this year.  He’s on the street begging for forty cents.  He, and a whole lot of others.  Standing on street corners, just hoping for a little ‘more’ that day.  And by his blatant response to my giving, have a FRICKEN merry christmas?  … It took me off guard, sure.  But it’s because that response that I can’t forget him.  Not now.  Not ever.

So, Santa?  You.  The guy on the corner.  I DO wish you a very merry Christmas this year.  And I pray God DOES bless you.  Today.  Tomorrow.  and forever.

Thank you for your honesty.

You COULD HAVE just said, “thanks”.  But you didn’t.  And I actually appreciated it.

… hopefully next time, I’ll have more than a couple quarters to offer…