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Friday, May 18, 2012

“Let me drive, Huh?” -God.

“We were honestly second guessing ourselves and our decision.  We were about to just give it up.  Knowing it was just going to be too hard.  And then the Lord rocked my world the very next day when I heard him say to me, “Christine.  Do you feel less equipped today than you did yesterday?  Do you feel less confident, secure, and less in control today than you did yesterday?  Then good.  Then maybe you can let me take over and be in the driver’s seat for awhile…”

Hearing this story from a friend about how she and her husband were losing hope from some of the adoption classes they were attending just stuck in my mind.  Like that song you hear on the radio in the morning, and then for 3 days later, it’s in your head on repeat?  “Then good.  Then maybe you can let me take over and be in the driver’s seat for awhile….”……………..   Wow.

I would be lying if I said I felt like this trip I’m about to take has ANYTHING to do with me anymore.

I know that sounds funny.  It shouldn’t be about me.  Well when you have control issues, it may not be about you, but it’s definitely about your way.  Well.  God definitely wanted and DID reiterate, time and time again, that It’s NOT UP TO ME…

When the idea to host a music based mission trip came up, it was almost two years ago.  Since then, I’ve had it in my head how I wanted it to go.

It was going to be huge.  It was going to be big.  A production.  Think: American Idol + Carrie Underwood meets Africa style.  Reach for the moon big.  Popular artists.  Bands. Concert style.  Stage, lights, sound…. Yeah.

As a staff, we finally put the trip on the calendar last November and started the wait period for team members to sign up.

and nothing.

and nothing.

I wrote emails.  I contacted artists.  I wrote agents, managers, pulled favor cards I hadn’t used in years….

I was up to my eye balls in recruitment and promotion mode.


Days and weeks went by when I literally felt the air being choked out of my lungs, as I started to second guess myself.  “God, did I hear you right?”  “Am I really supposed to be doing this trip?”  “God, why aren’t musicians wanting to come on board and share their passions with orphans?” “God, I thought I heard you loud and clear, but what am I doing wrong?” “God, WHERE IS EVERYONE??????”

When He finally said to me, “Amanda.  Do you feel less confident about this trip today than you did yesterday?  Do you feel less equipped, secure, and in control today than you did yesterday?  Like maybe, the vision of this trip wasn’t yours in the first place?  Then good.  Then maybe you can let me take over and be in the driver’s seat for awhile…”

and it wasn’t but a day or two later we had the first sign up.  And then the second.  And then the team of worship leaders finally started trickling in.  Then a family of four.  Then, a newfound dear friend of mine right here from Nashville signed up last minute….

It was almost like I HAD to start laughing.  There was no way to explain it… except

God needed me to sit down.  Take the passenger seat.  Stop being in control so HE could orchestrate who was going to be on the team.  So HE could handpick, personally choose, who he wanted and needed to be on board with this mission.

And take over He did.

Not only has he woven together a team, uniting from all across the United States.  He is bringing together the likes of everyone from musical artists, to worship leaders, to Crossfit trainers and dancers…

And it’s today that I’m so thankful He took the wheel.  I can’t WAIT to meet these people.  I can’t WAIT to pour out the love to those we’re going to meet in Rwanda together with these empowered, ignited, amazing team members of mine…


THANK YOU to everyone for your encouraging support and prayers for this trip!!  We’d all love for your prayers as we venture on the first ever, MUSIC + MISSIONS: Rwanda trip with Visiting Orphans!

Tom, Jessie, Josh, Renee





:)  I Just love this pic.  Tom and Jessie Bradley again



and yours truly,

Stay tuned !
Over n’ out for now.


  1. What a crew!!! How cool to see God bring together people I've never met and I still don't even know what He's going to do. Expecting more than I can imagine

  2. Just saw this post. Love it! Can't wait to hear all about it!