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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

November 6, 2012: Election Day.

Today is election day.  Today is a day that every American has an opportunity to take part in who becomes our nation’s next president.

What a humbling thought.

And how far away from it all I feel.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am truly, sincerely grateful for the fact that this opportunity exists for us.  I feel SO blessed that we GET to go to the polls and cast our opinions.  I am honored to live here and have that opportunity.

Yes, I live here…and yet, my mind and heart are elsewhere.

Those kids in Uganda, who are stuck, sitting in prisons for years before their trial, simply because they are orphaned….  where is their voice?

Those kids in Rwanda, who are living in an orphanage with about 600 other children, who may be ‘reunified’ with their families because they want to shut down orphanages…. where is their voice?

The kids in Ethiopia, the ones scraping for food, killing to survive on the heaps of trash that fill the streets of Korah, with no family heritage or inheritance to claim…. where is their voice?

At a time when our nation so desperately needs to come together, to UNITE and stand as ONE… I feel like we couldn’t be further from that truth.  We’re Drifting away, slowly… breaking away from everything we once stood for.:

One Nation, Under God.

We’re too divided.

We’re too objectified.

We have our own opinions but give no grace to others with theirs…

We don’t rally together on making tough decisions, we veto our opposers.

We don’t compromise on things that matter, we fight until our side wins.

This world is OUR oyster.  WE have the power to make a difference as ONE.  ONE NATION.  … with liberties and justice FOR ALL.

At a time when I should feel so patriotic… I feel so guilty that I don’t.

Because my heart breaks for those without even a chance...

Like, where on the ballot does it say, “to help give the 163 million children out there, who would give anything to have a say, to once, and for all….

Have a Voice.

Lord GOD Almighty
"Whoever wins will be my President. I will pray for his well-being, hope for his success, applaud what I agree with, and humbly stand against what I disagree with. In faith, I voted what I thought would be best but I'm very aware I could be wrong. I believe no one comes to power without divine appointment and I will trust the outcome. I appreciate the service of both men. I admire their love for their wives and children. I believe both want was is best for this country and neither are exactly right.” ~(copied from a friend’s status today)

… never have you failed.  never have you lost an election.  You have the final say in every vote that is cast and every box that is checked.  Lord, I pray YOUR voice is heard, that YOUR ultimate will be done.  

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